• Bigness Harmonic Booster


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    Bigness Harmonic Boost

    The humble booster can be a beautiful thing; whether we want to push the volume a bit more for a solo, or push our amp beyond breakup - the booster is an invaluable tool. Bigness Harmonic Booster can do all that, BUT it is also a gain stage, when pushed by another pedal or amp it adds rich harmonics and delivers a tone full of substance.

    Hand built and wired, Bigness boost the 9volt supply for high headroom operation. When imagining Bigness we wanted to create a sound that is somewhere between the sweet compression found in germanium boosts of old and the full sound of a vacuum tube; selected FET stages handles that job well.

    Equipped with a Boost, Body and Tone controls, Bigness is a flexible gain stage and preamp that can work well with many setups. It is also true-bypassed and a cool wooden label adds an overall “amp-like” feel.


    • Hand built with selected FET components

    • Boost, Body and Tone controls - to compliment your rig

    • Internal voltage boost

    • Non inverting design - perfect for parallel mixing

    • Audio level components and hardware

    • Real True-Bypass switching

    • And more…

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