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    Who can resist the magic of a BIG, PUNCHY and MEATY guitar tones bursting through a sizzling amplifier?

    No one we know, that’s for sure!

    Well, turns out that big, punchy and meaty tones is what Roadhouse is all about. High headroom coupled with dynamic attack means rich and round tones even when set-up for clean, or almost-clean boost. Gig-ability is a key factor in our minds and we designed Roadhouse to have capable tone shaping yet it was important to keep the layout simple to allow it to be flexible enough to fit as many setups as possible.

    The Roadhouse is a dynamic and articulate low-to-medium overdrive, that is flexible enough to suit many styles, but easy to use. Though some pedals out there may "sound like an amp" - the Roadhouse FEELS like an amp! Thanks to higher head-room and natural saturation, big and vivid tones spring out of the Roadhouse in a beautifully responsive way. Sustain and singing feedback are rich and thick - as they should be.

    Turn the Bass knob down and boost the Top between 2-4 O'clock and you are smack in the niddle of Vox-ish territory. Woman tone? -no problem, the Roadhouse responds beatifuly to the guitar's Tone knob and keeps your tone alive and unmuffled. With the Bass up and tone down, the Roadhouse takes you back to the 70's - but turn that gain down and open up the Top to tap into that Silverfaced American sparkle. You can even get those classic mids-heavy "screamer" sounds by rolling the tone down and boosting the top end. Inside, a four way on-off preset switch unlishes even more fine-tuning options!

    Having a lot of volume on tap, the Roadhouse can drive tube amps without breaking a sweat - but it can also be pushed with your favorite boost or OD - into a full on distortion that is utterly huge.

    Although the Roadhouse was designed with many goals in mind, our main mission was to make it "super gig-able"; Flexible yet simple, the Roadhouse features 3 main control + 2 trim controls to fit your tone sculpturing needs. Inside you'll find 4 "set and forget" on/off switches that help you tailor your sound to best suit your guitar, your amp and any venue.



    • Hand built with selected Audio-grade components

    • Creamy sustain AND plenty of volume on tap

    • Birch or Mahogany top
    • Simple yet powerful 3+2 control knobs

    • Internal voltage boost for big headroom

    • 4 Internal Personality switches - set and forget

    • Real True-Bypass switching

    • Non inverting design - perfect for parallel mixing

    • And more…

      Video demo by Mike Hermans and Tone Report magazine:
  • Roadhouse Overdrive
  • Roadhouse Overdrive
  • Roadhouse Overdrive
  • Roadhouse Overdrive
  • Roadhouse Overdrive

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