• Clyde McCoy voiced Drop-In wah PCB - no soldering required


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  • Description

    Arteffect solderless wah PCB loaded with vintage parts and of course - a hand wound inductor like no other.

    Quick and easy SOLDERLESS assembly lets you nail that chewy and throaty tone in minutes.

    Why it is awesome:

    • Vintage Clyde McCoy tone: built to the correct vintage specs.
    • NO SOLDERING required: simply remove one screw, two jacks, and replace the ribbon cable - in about 5 minutes
    • Hand Wound Inductor: choose the right voicing for you
    • Vintage transistors matched with CORRECT gain
    • Bypass-able C-style input buffer for clearer tones and better bypass
    • Tropical Fish capacitors for ultimate audio quality
    • Metal Film resistors for low noise and consistency
    • Carbon composition resistors in key positions
    • Black FR4 circuit board
    • Silver solder used throughout
    • 4uF non-polar capacitor like they had in the 60's
    • Fits most Dunlop and Vox wah enclosures
    • With Solder pads for True Bypass and LED if desired
    • PDF wiring diagram available for download

    While the Arteffect solderless wah D95 is super quick and easy to install and play, it is also possible to not use the provided switch and pot harness, and wire your wah with true-bypass and a status LED.

  • D95 drop-in board with HALO inductor
  • D95 drop-in wah PCB with Stack of Dimes inductor
  • D95 board installation in a wah shell
  • Installed PCB with CS style inductor
  • Low angle of HALO equipped D95 PCB

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