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    After literally hundreds of inductors built and sold inside Bonnie Wah pedals or as stand-alone upgrades we feel confident when saying that our HALO inductors are the best and most musical wah upgrade you can treat your tone to. 

    Arteffect’s HALO Inductor Replicas are handmade one at a time, using 
    a very similar process to the one used in the 60’s.

    The carefully selected ferrite material and copper wire gives our inductors the same sound and response as old Halo inductors that were used in Clyde McCoy wah pedals. The winding technique itself is unique to Arteffect and together with other factors, assures that the inductors will give your wah the “correct” sound that will enable you to mimic legendary wah tones. 

    Try one of our inductors in your wah, it might be the single most dramatic upgrade you can make!

    1. Handmade and individually tested
    2. Nominal inductance - 500mH
    3. True vintage and vocal tones!

    Customer reviews:
    "You guys still make the Best inductors out there" - John Landgraff, renowned pedal designer and builder

    (Photos of inductors soldered to PCBs are for reference only)
  • Vintage Voiced HALO inductor
  • Vintage Voiced HALO inductor installed on a Dunlop GCB-95 PCB
  • Vintage Voiced HALO inductor on an Arteffect D95 solderless upgrade PCB
  • Vintage Voiced HALO inductor installed on a Vox V847 PCB

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