• Ulti-Wah PIO & Dual Inductor - Assembled Board


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  • Description

    Here it is: the Ulti-Wah; dual inductors for three different tone options, paper-in-oil capacitors, trimmer to set you own unique wah voice, and more... we took the renowned vintage styled Bonnie wah and gave it a set of twists and abilities.

    With a short and simple assembly you can have an expressive, deep and vocal pedal that has that vintage mojo and sparkle, and can do so much more.

    What you get:

    • TWO Hand built Arteffect inductor of your choosing - for THREE distinct tones
    • Trimmers allow to to fine tune your unique voice
    • NOS Paper In Oil (PIO) capacitors for ultimate audio quality
    • Carbon composition resistors in key positions
    • Metal Film resistors for low noise and consistency
    • Black FR4 circuit board
    • Silver solder used throughout
    • Film 4uF capacitor
    • BC109 transistor 
    • 2 feet of silver solder to complete your build

    Wiring diagrams found HERE

    Check out this demo by Jack Zucker:

  • Arteffect UltiWah with HALO & SoD
  • Arteffect UltiWah with SoD and SoH
  • Arteffect UltiWah with dual HALO inductors
  • Arteffect UltiWah with HALO and Blue Stack
  • Arteffect UltiWah with HALO & Stack of HALOs inductors
  • Arteffect UltiWah with HALO & HASEL inductors
  • Arteffect UltiWah with SoH and HASEL inductors
  • Arteffect UltiWah with SoD and HASEL

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