• Quad Wah™


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  • Description

    A cool little gizmo, the QuadWah let's you have 4 distinctive wah sounds with only 2 inductors, by selecting either inductor by itself, or both inductors at the same time - in parallel OR in series.

    This is a DIY upgrade and does require basic soldering skills as well as drilling a 7mm hole in the wah enclosure of the switch installation. 

    We use FR4 boards and high quality sealed switches for the QuadWah and the multiple solder pads allow for many types of popular inductors to be used - so you can use the one you already have in most cases, and would not need to buy 2 new inductors.

    Quad Wah features:
    1. Four tones: Inductor 1, Inductor 2, both in series and both in parallel options. 
    2. Fits HALO and SoD type inductors
    3. Sealed 4-way selector switch (included)
    4. FR4 component board that fits most 3rd party inductors
  • QuadWah PCB ready to be populated
  • QuadWah PCB wiring instructions
  • Arteffect QuadWah top view

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