• 'Italian' style assembled Wah PCB


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    If you suffer from a bland, weak and uninspiring wah tones - we have the solution for you - Arteffect Assembled Wah boards!

    The Vintage/Vintage version features carbon composition resistors, tropical fish caps and similar parts - as used in vintage wah pedals. We added an extral power filter cap and polarity protection, if you want to run your wah without a battery.

    These are the same PCBs found in our coveted Bonnie Wah Pedals, made of high quality FR4 boards with gold immersion plating. The Bonnie is the most accurate recreation of the 'Signature' wah pedal ever produced, and now you have a chance to get an assembled PCB and build your own!



    • Hand built Arteffect inductor of your choosing
    • FR4 circuit board with Gold Immersion plating
    • Silver solder used throughout
    • 'Tropical fish' capacitors
    • Polystyrene input and sweep capacitors
    • Carbon composition resistors
    • Film 4uF capacitor
    • BC109 transistors
    • 3 feet of silver solder to complete your build
    • Power filtering capacitor, and polarity protection diode under the hood

    Wiring diagrams found HERE

    Check out this demo by Jack Zucker:

  • Vintage JEN style board with HALO inductor
  • Vintage Vox style PCB with Stack of Dimes inductor
  • Vintage style wah PCB with Stack of HALOs inductor
  • Vintage style wah PCB with HASEL inductor
  • Low angle of HALO inductor on a vintage style PCB
  • Stack of Dimes on Jen PCB low angle
  • SoH inductor on vintage style PCB new angle
  • HASEL inductor on a vintage style PCB
  • Arteffect HALO inductor inside a wah pedal
  • Stack of Dimes inside a wah pedal with see-through bottom plate
  • Bottom of Arteffect vintage style wah PCB

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